About Us

The educational philosophy of our schools reflects the belief that every student is

capable of academic achievement, and that all of our students are able to make

a positive contribution to society. We endeavor to help each student achieve

academically and personally at the highest level possible. To that end we provide

counseling, guidance, and placement services to our students. Pinnacles High School

strives to offer a flexible program that satisfy state and district requirements for a high school diploma.

The school also offers students an opportunity to return to a comprehensive high school setting.

Above all we attempt to instill a positive attitude towards education, and accommodate the individual needs of

each student.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire students to become life-long learners who will contribute positively to the community and

thrive as individuals in a global society.

Mission Statement

Pinnacles High School challenges students through a meaningful, relevant, and standards-based curriculum that will

prepare them for college and career.